“Instant” discussions though are fastly forgotten as news are daily published on media. After discussing for a couple of days, we thought it could be useful to establish an operational landing field for those reflections, for having information collected, help ideas fly, support the debate, stimulate transdisciplinary interaction.

That’s where our MANIFESTO comes from. That’s why we decided to open this space for discussion focused on the manifold consequences the aftermath of this crisis will generate, as the future we imagined is not what it used to be.

This independent space is dedicated to all who care about the strategic process of building our cities and our common living spaces, to citizens, scholars, practitioners, professionals, policy makers and decision makers, city thinkers, philosophers, strategists, economists, visionaries, business owners. It is dedicated to all our fellows who feel like contributing to the early blue sky stages of an open, no-holds barred debate on how to rethink together the spaces we share, co-build, in which we build our lives and love. 

We propose you to practice the notion of “collective intelligence” experimenting new forms of exchange, mutual learning and networking. We hope this debate will expand over the next months, to ferry us through the troubled waters of these difficult times giving us new instruments for when this situation will be finally over.

Now we said what it is, it probably also time to say what it is not: it is not the place for long complex scientific articles; for rants, for nostalgia of the golden age or for positions that are not looking to the co-development of the common good.  We thought more of a place where to fix ideas, discuss and expand them in respectful and constructive discussions that will hopefully birth good fruits (&flowers) in the future.

As in every garden diversity, spontaneity and a certain degree of disorder can produce extremely positive outcomes. We hope this will be the story of this garden, and of the many people that will accept our invitation and contribute.

Let us know what you think!

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